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We are proud that we can work with the most modern devices, machines and milling centers. We can provide the best quality products and the best and fastest repair services and modifications for our customers.


  • CNC 5-axis milling centers
  • CNC 5-axis Milling Centers DMU 60P
  • CNC 5-axis Milling Centers DMU 65
  • CNC 5-axis Milling Centers DMU 85
  • CNC 5-axis Milling Center DMU 125
  • CNC 5-axis Milling Center TOS Kurim KRA6
  • CNC 5-axis integrated (milling, drilling, turning) Centre DMU 160 FD
  • CNC 5-axis Milling and Drilling Center Chiron
  • CNC 5-axis Milling Center BOKO
  • Lettering machines
  • Wire-cutting machine CNC
  • EDM Charmilles ZNC, CNC
  • Vertical Lathes CNC
  • Vertical Lathes CNC SKIQ 16 and SKJ 20
  • Laser welding machine ALM 200
  • Milling and Turning center CTX gamma 1250 TC


EMT Púchov s.r.o,
1.Mája 4293,
Púchov 020 01,


Quality and reliability of our products and our processes, Rubber industry experience and feedback, Experienced and skilled CAD/CAM Team, Short lead time / reaction time and high flexibility, Full range of support to PLT and CVT plants, Cost/price orientation